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So what is ‘Scottish’ food exactly?

The history of Scottish food comes from centuries of cultural influences and local traditions. Early Scottish cuisine was heavily influenced by the country’s rugged landscape and climate, with a focus on hearty, simple dishes that made use of locally available ingredients such as oats, barley, and root vegetables… The arrival of the Vikings introduced new…

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Five great reasons to cook your own breakfast in our self-catering cottages

Are you craving a getaway that combines the comforts of home with the freedom to explore at your own pace? Look no further than our self-catering accommodation! From cozy cottages to city apartments, self-catering properties offer a load of benefits with one being that you can cook your breakfast! Local Ingredients We love finding great…

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Exploring Central Scotland’s Scenic Railway Walking Track: St Fillans to Comrie

Among Central Scotland’s hidden gems is the railway walking track that winds its way between the charming villages of St Fillans and Comrie. Stretching approximately eight miles along the former Caledonian Railway line, the walking track it offers a delightful trail through some of Scotland’s most scenic countryside. Once part of the Crieff Junction Railway,…

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Enhancing Accessibility: Empowering Visitors with Disabilities

Stirlingshire, nestled in the heart of Central Scotland, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the iconic Stirling Castle perched atop its rocky outcrop to the breathtaking landscapes of the Trossachs National Park, this region captivates visitors from around the world. However, as we celebrate the wonders of Stirlingshire, it’s essential…

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