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kelpies statues

Scottish Tales & Legends: Kelpies

Kelpies are probably the most popular Scottish mythical creatures. But what are they and where do the stories come from?   “…When thowes dissolve the snawy hoord, An’ float the jinglin icy-boord, Then water-kelpies haunt the foord By your direction, An’ nighted trav’lers are allur’d To their destruction…” ‘Address to the Devil’ by Robert Burns…

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Top Places to Visit in Strathyre

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2022! As part of the ‘Top Places to Visit’ series, we love providing inspiration on how to spend the day in various locations. This blog post will be discussing fantastic places to visit in Strathyre. These landmarks and activities include visiting the Broch Café, exploring amazing lochs such…

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Top Places to Visit in Callander

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year so far! Now is the perfect chance to start exploring more of the wonderful locations and amazing landmarks in Scotland. There are fantastic places and activities you can enjoy when visiting Callander. Some of these include Bracklinn Falls Bridge, Callander Crags, Galleria Luti, The Trossachs Trail,…

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