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Right to Roam

Scotland’s countryside is a beautiful place to explore. The spirit of adventure is kindled with a trek into the mountains, discovering a hidden loch or glen, and the stunning views from the peaks. Woodland paths, riverside wanders, or highland hikes. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act that came into force in 2005 opened up the countryside…

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Scottish Pop and Rock

We are missing some of the incredible Scottish music festivals this year, but music is a great way of bringing people together even when they are apart. Scotland has produced some great acts through the years. If you are enjoying a staycation this year, what is on your playlist? We take a look at some…

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Scottish Water Myths

Being surrounded on three sides by water and having a multitude of lochs and rivers across the country, it is no surprise that Scotland has one or two myths and legends associated with water. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie as she is commonly known. This large plesiosaur-like…

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Highland Games History

The earliest known Highland Games in Scotland are lost to the mists of time. One of the earliest proposed origins dates to the 11th Century, when King Malcolm III organized a foot race at Craig Choinich in Braemar to determine the swiftest amongst his men to be his messenger. Whatever the truth of this story,…

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An Interview with In Your Element

Looking for a new, thrilling adventure? Look no further. Natalie answered all of our questions about the exciting activities provided by her team at In Your Element.   How would you describe In Your Element in one sentence? In Your Element is an adventurous activity company offering amazing outdoor experiences for school & youth groups,…

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An Interview with Aquila Ecology

After weeks of lockdown, nothing sounds more appealing than a long wildlife walk. We interviewed Andrea Hudspeth, founder of Aquila Ecology, to learn all about their tours, children’s activities and fun wildlife facts. Here’s what she said.   How would you describe Aquila Ecology in one sentence? We help people to learn about and love…

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An Interview with Achray House

The lovely team at Achray House answered our questions about the restaurant with the most breathtaking views in St. Fillans. Here’s what they had to say about their business, post-lockdown plans and even some special recipes you should try at home if you haven’t already!   How would you describe Achray House in one sentence?…

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