St Fillans

Did you know? Back in November 2005, the folk of St.Fillans managed to halt a new housing development to protect a rock, under which allegedly lived fairies. The housing estate was redesigned specifically to preserve the said rock.

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About St Fillans

St. Fillans

St Fillans is a small village in Perthshire on the eastern end of Loch Earn. All the way back in the 18th century, the settlement has been known as Port of Lochearn, or Meikleport. It is believed that the Irish missionary Saint Fillan lived on the hill just above the village, and therefore the name has been changed in 1817 by Lord Gwydyr. Not far from the hill, you can see the Allt Ghoinean burn, which is believed to be featured in “The Lady of the Lake”, a poem by Sir Walter Scott.

The area offers very scenic views and wildlife spotting. 12 square miles from the River Earn down to Comrie has been designated as a national scenic area (NSA), protecting the area from certain forms of development. Fed by a dam way above the village, St. Fillans has a hydroelectric power station which is not visible within the village as it is underneath it. There is also a famous nine-hole golf course in St. Fillans since 1903.

The village offers many options for quiet breaks away from the city. Great for family and couples holidays, it also offers scenic cycling and walking paths by the loch and the local area.

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