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Family Fun Activities for the Summer

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer season and enjoying the sunny weather! Now that schools are out, this is the perfect chance to get your kids involved for some fun, family bonding time. There are so many fun and exciting activities to do and attractions to visit throughout Scotland. Some of our top picks…

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Scottish Tales & Legends: Thistle

“”…The stars like thistle’s roses floo’er The sterile growth o’ Space ootour, That clad in bitter blasts spreids oot Frae me, the sustenance o’ its root. O fain I’d keep my hert entire, Fain hain the licht o’ my desire, But ech! the shinin’ streams ascend, And leave me empty at the end. For aince…

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Interview with The Highland Chocolatier

We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer weather! There are so many fantastic places to visit in Scotland. One of our personal favourites is visiting The Highland Chocolatier. Iain Burnett, known as The Highland Chocolatier, is a chocolate artisan based in the heart of Scotland. Iain makes a wide range of treats ranging from gourmet…

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Top Castles to Visit in Scotland

We hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather! Now that the summer holiday is approaching, a great way to spend it is by visiting some of the fantastic castles in Scotland. Scotland is known to be a home to over 1,000 castles varying in shape, sizes and history! We’ve picked some of our favourite…

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